Frequently asked questions:   

Membership questions:

Do I need to be a member of CMTPA to compete at Team Penning & Ranch Sorting events?
                  – Yes, you must be a current member of CMTPA to compete at
                    any pointed team penning event.

I only want to show at one show this year, can I pay a one day membership fee for that one show?
                  – No, one day memberships are only allowed to attend team penning
                    or ranch sorting clinics to try out the sport. You must be a full member
                   to participate in competitive events.

 If I pay a one day membership fee to attend a clinic & I decide to go to a show later,
 do I have to pay the full annual membership?

                 –  No, you will only need to pay the difference between the annual and
                    the day membership fee already paid.

Rider Rating questions:

How do I obtain a Rider Rating for Team Penning and Ranch Sorting?
–  CMTPA’s Rider Rating Committee will assign you a rider rating
                   at your first Team Penning or Ranch Sorting event.

Competition questions:

 Do I have to have a Quarter Horse or a trained cow horse to compete in
Team Penning & Ranch Sorting events?
               – No.   All breeds are welcome.
                 As long as your horse will work with cows
                 (and is not afraid to go into the herd), you can compete!

Do I have to have a team set up in order to compete?
          –  No, you can find other riders at the show, or you can enter
            your name in the Draws, and have your team drawn for you.

How do I get started in Team Penning or Ranch Sorting?
         –  The best way is to attend a CMTPA clinic.
            See our event schedule for upcoming clinics!

Directions & Accommodations:

What’s the best route to get to Maple Lane Farms?
            –  The best route to get to Maple Lane Farms from the South is:
                        I95 North to exit 157 in Newport.
                        Follow Rt 11 through Newport.
                        Ignore your GPS in Corinna when it tells you to bear right to stay on Rt 11!
                        Instead stay straight on Rt 7 to Dexter!
                        Take Rt 94 in Dexter for about 14 miles
                        Turn left onto Rt 11A
                        Turn right onto Charleston Rd
                        Maple Lane Farm will be on your left!
                        – the roads are much smoother this way, you’ll be glad you did!

What are the overnight accommodations @ Maple Lane Farm in Charleston?
                –  Electrical hookups are available for $10 per night
                –  No sewer hookups or dumping station
                –  Hot showers are available for $5.00
                –  Stalls are available by reservation (see show flyer for who to call)
                                 – Inside stalls = $25 per night or $45 for the weekend
                                – Outside stalls = $10 per night

                –  Concession available for purchase on site providing hot coffee, breakfast sandwiches,
                   lunch items, beverages and snacks.
                –  Evening entertainment varies from weekend to weekend, so be sure to come
                   and stay for the entire weekend.  You won’t want to miss out on all the fun!

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